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Interdisciplinary Dentistry

We already know that the dentist alone cannot always solve some of the more complex oral, cranial, and facial problems from which patients suffer. This is when the dentist will traditionally refer his or her patient to a specialist in order to seek additional expertise. In a particularly complex case, there may be several referrals to several different specialists over the course of treatment.

This multidisciplinary approach to treatment can be very effective, as one specialist cannot deal with all aspects of a complicated problem. However, it can be a bit one-sided, since information travels between the dentist and the specialist(s) without any time or place dedicated to collaboration.

The interdisciplinary approach brings in that missing collaborative element and allows all specialists involved to conduct a dialogue concerning patient care.

Interdisciplinary dentistry focuses on interaction, not only between the primary dentist and the specialists, but also between the interdisciplinary team and the patient. The patient should always be included in the process as a member of the team and should be updated regularly on incoming information and decisions.

Including the patient in this way not only brings treatment to a new level, but it also provides optimal customer service from the dental practice

The interdisciplinary team creates a network of shared skills and expertise, open communication, and trust. The ultimate goal is to create and perpetuate an ideal treatment environment in which the patient feels comfortable and doctors can work effectively

We here at Restore Dental work in an interdisciplinary manner in which we insist on referring the patients to the specialist for treatments that require intervention by a specialist for better results and patient comfort. The specialist doctors can be called at our office for consultation with prior appointment

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